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Happy Hailing Easter

I got to weed the rose garden in the sun and then the rain came, thunder, lightening, more rain and hail!  Quite the weather-full day!  DSC_0091



Yes, it has been awhile!  Our second snow storm in the Willamette Valley arrived yesterday.  It’s 29 degrees out right now and the Japanese Maple is feeling it.  Perhaps this camera and I will make it out again tomorrow.  Until then, stay warm my friends.  IMGP4426

Before the Heat

I read that yesterday was supposed to get to 81% humidity with a high of 91.  For those in the Willamette Valley – that’s hot.  Fell asleep early last night, likely due to the heat and was up before sunrise today.  Tonight’s going to be a hot one playing indoor soccer, my jersey’s already in the freezer waiting to cool me down for the 6:15pm game.

Today’s my first solo day at the hospital, meaning I’m no longer in training with someone and instead working on my own covering a neurology floor for the next two days (different assignment the next coupe of days).  I had a moment of panic last Tuesday when I realized this, having completely lost track of the fact that July was so near- thinking how can this be that I’ve completed three weeks of training already?!

So I appreciate the extra time for silence and centering this morning.  I’m excited for the most part, but yes a little pensive too.  Here’s my grounding for the morning.  Happy July my friends.  IMGP4019

Snow Day


We don’t get a whole lot of snow in the Willamette Valley and often it comes after Christmas and in January.  Last night as I was driving home from a late night soccer game it started snowing and its been snowing on and off today. At one point I was driving and in less than a mile I was driving and it was snowing, then raining, and then the sun was out strong.  We don’t have the best drivers when it comes to driving in the snow in Oregon, I was most annoyed and concerned by the number of people driving without their headlights this morning!  It will be interesting to see what the weather does for the remainder of the week.   IMGP3549

Monday Blues

I was driving north to Junction City again with the sun behind me and these monstrous heavy rain clouds to my west.  While I’m often slowed due to the large number of farming equipment being driven on the road I can appreciate it when it allows me to capture pictures like I did today!

Watching the clouds roll in.

By the end of my 30 minute drive the clouds went from this blue below to grey.

Loved the blue and green contrast; the melodramatic weather of Oregon.

A little over an hour later I drove through about 400 meters of hail and I heard the Willamette Valley (of which I am a resident of & is quite large) has seen its first snow.