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Starting to Thaw

Over the last three days 10 inches of snow reported came down and then freezing rain and ice.  Have never seen so many icicles and frozen trees in my life, nor have I heard so many breaking limbs.  Neighbors on both sides of our house had huge branches come down with so far only one broken gutter.  22 1/2 hours with no power from 2pm yesterday until 11:30am this morning.   Highlights were our candlefest, winning a game of Upwords, plenty of warm dogs and cats to keep us reasonably warm, and that the power came on today!  IMGP4430 IMGP4431 IMGP4432 IMGP4434


Snow Walk

We were walking one of our normal routes yesterday, which usually takes about an hour from our house.  One of the driest snows we’ve had and very little is melting.  One of the coolest finds of the day were perhaps the largest icicles I have ever seen in person!


Icicle House South on Aspen

Sledding at the park; we actually saw quite a few people in skis as well.

Sledding at the park; we actually saw quite a few people in skis as well.



I-5 Bridge from a distance


Under the I-5 Bridge

Under the I-5 Bridge


Up close & personal


Autzen Stadium in the distance



Walking East along the Patterson Slough & Pre’s Trail


My favorite from the day.

Snow Falling in Lane County

Beautiful day here with several inches of snow on the ground the snow was coming down from early morning throughout the afternoon.  I got a couple shots at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Riverbend hospital.

Photo from parking structure facing south towards the Skybridge.

Photo from parking structure facing south towards the Skybridge.

It was a short day at work, which I was glad for as I was scheduled to be there until 7pm.

From Riverbend hospital parking garage facing north.

From Riverbend hospital parking garage facing north.

Hope all the snow bunnies are staying safe and warm tonight. Our dogs are out there eating it up.

Snow Day


We don’t get a whole lot of snow in the Willamette Valley and often it comes after Christmas and in January.  Last night as I was driving home from a late night soccer game it started snowing and its been snowing on and off today. At one point I was driving and in less than a mile I was driving and it was snowing, then raining, and then the sun was out strong.  We don’t have the best drivers when it comes to driving in the snow in Oregon, I was most annoyed and concerned by the number of people driving without their headlights this morning!  It will be interesting to see what the weather does for the remainder of the week.   IMGP3549

Monday Blues

I was driving north to Junction City again with the sun behind me and these monstrous heavy rain clouds to my west.  While I’m often slowed due to the large number of farming equipment being driven on the road I can appreciate it when it allows me to capture pictures like I did today!

Watching the clouds roll in.

By the end of my 30 minute drive the clouds went from this blue below to grey.

Loved the blue and green contrast; the melodramatic weather of Oregon.

A little over an hour later I drove through about 400 meters of hail and I heard the Willamette Valley (of which I am a resident of & is quite large) has seen its first snow.

Snow Day – March 21

The dogs enjoying their snow day.