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My Girl

Yes, we have a fascination for these green & blue buses 🙂

Last night Zoey came over for a slumber party.  Jeremy, Loki, Zen, Ming, Katara, Sensei, 4 finches, and I sure all enjoyed her presence (Zoey however informed me that she currently has 10 pets at home, so has us beat by 1).  From playing with the dogs in the backyard, to sorting out the toy box, showing her latest dance moves, and then scrapbooking like there was no tomorrow.  We were particularly touched when she scrapbooked a page for us for our upcoming anniversary.  She was an amazing flower girl almost two years ago.  It was a precious day for us, and something we both loved sharing with her.  One of our favorite pictures from the wedding is by this green bus at Eugene Mennonite Church/Wellspring Friends School.  Today Zoey and I took advantage of the green AND blue buses.

Silly Zoey

The sun kept getting in her eyes, but she was a trooper!

My Girl, Love Her