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For SarahLyn

IMGP3983Started my morning photographs with my macro lens, thinking of & remembering SarahLyn.  IMGP3982

Avi & friends put together a beautiful time together this afternoon. He shared with us his life with SarahLyn and their adventures over the years. It was clear she has been loved by many. Of the many things I learned about SarahLyn, one thing I loved hearing about was that the masks she made were all made from her molding them to her own face.  Appreciate seeing these many faces of SarahLyn, so creative, talented, funny, determined, and head strong.  IMGP3991


The Potters Quarter

For my birthday my friend Inga and I went to The Potters Quarter to paint some pottery.  I forgot how relaxing this is to do!  Excited today because I got to pick up the finished product and made a little photo collage of before and after.

Peanut bowl

Peanut bowl