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Visiting Angie at Rest Haven

I’ve been missing my sweet friend Angie lately, partly because I know I could have talked to her about my Uncle Hal and she would understand the impact of his death on me.  I’d realized recently that I’d been driving past Rest Haven on my way to an appointment a week or so ago so I went to visit her yesterday.  There was construction going on there, it looks as if they are expanding Rest Haven.  I noticed a lot of birds singing and the groundskeepers were busy caring for the property.  DSC_0145It was so nice to see fall colors there, although it made me miss fall in Pittsburgh, PA!  Most interesting was that I wasn’t prepared for how happy I was going to be to see her picture again.  Her beautiful smile still shines on.  DSC_0142

I sent her mom and sister a close up of her picture and the other sweet happening has been that friends and family have been sharing and appreciating this photo as well. DSC_0143Angie died 8/1/1999 of cystic fibrosis.  She was a talented, loving, wise, and full of life individual that I’ve known since 1st grade soccer.  Valuable lessons she has taught me include taking care of my body because I only have one, that I should live fully, presently, and passionately, and most often to make sure I communicate with those I love honestly and openly.


The Journey


There is an alley much like this in the same neighborhood at Hal & Gayle’s previous home (of 35 years) on C Street in Springfield, Oregon.  It parallels Hal’s shop, which was lit up by an arsonist once upon a time.  Today was full of writing, reflection, introspection, and a sense that the journey I have been on is going to change courses.  I cannot tell you how it will change at this point except that I am sure of it.  There’s this term called post traumatic growth that I came upon in graduate school.  It touches on the growth of a person that can occur after trauma/loss.  What I’m seeing is a gift Uncle Hal has left me.  The gift is revealing itself slowly and as long as I stay open, I believe the doors will continue to open in ways I had never imagined.

Waves of Grief

Just when I start feeling stronger, heart full, mind clear…something hits me again.  Stomach hurts, head hurts…I sit, meditate, or try to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Yesterday I plunked on the piano for the first time in….who knows how long.  Trying to find some music for a tribute I’m working on for next weekend.  Shall I call it the pre-memorial?  I’m not sure but something was telling me I needed to tell my story of my final hours with Uncle Hal.  And there’s probably some other messages weaved in there that I’m only just now unearthing.

One thing I’ve let go this year is my photoblog ritual.  Perhaps I’ll be re-committing to this again.  In any case here are a some photos from before Uncle Hal died. Oh and part of today’s horoscope:  Relax your resistance and trust your intuition to teach you how to navigate the murky waters of your heart.

10/11/15: The Violin owned by Word Girl (Amelia) or Wonder Woman (Alice) my Star Gazer Star Dancers

10/11/15: The Violin owned by Word Girl (Amelia) or Wonder Woman (Alice) my Star Gazer Star Dancers

10/13/15: Entry to Uncle Hal's Office, I say goodbye

10/13/15: Entry to Uncle Hal’s Office, I say goodbye

10/12/15: The Hunt, trying to find His Story to read and print for his boys

10/12/15: The Hunt, trying to find His Story to read and print for his boys

Uncle's Organization: Wishing I had a wall for a chalkboard like this!

Uncle’s Organization: Wishing I had a wall for a chalkboard like this!

One of his beloved bike bags: Where is he going now?

One of his beloved bike bags: Where is he going now?

Spring is Coming

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re enjoying some sunshine.  Daffodils are starting to bloom and other flowers have starts.  I apologize for my lack of photoblogging this winter!  All is well on the home front, just haven’t felt the photo inspiration until lately.  We’ve had some great sunsets lately that unfortunately my camera missed.  I’ve toted the camera around for two days now capturing this shot on my way home from church.

East of Alton Baker Park

East of Alton Baker Park

Joined By the Love of Photography

Last month I got this grand idea to interview another photographer.  I’ve been working on another project recently that’s resulted in some interviews that were posted in blogs.  At the same time I’ve been reflecting on my favorite part of hospice social work; which led me to think about what I love in life.  Let’s just say I’m a story searcher.  I love the unfolding of a person’s life story, the unveiling of the journey.

Chloe Sutcliffe was the first subscriber to my photoblog that I did not know personally and the first person I thought of when I was thinking about who I’d like to interview.  After being introduced to her photoblog I quickly learned that she lives in Australia and she started her photoblog in January 2009 (while mine began in March 2011), and she has a pup named Bruza.

Chloe Sutcliffe Photography: How I “met” Chloe

Over time I’ve “watched” and learned.  Here’s a small list of things I’ve noted over the last year and a half:

  • She’s purchased her first home (I was just about her age when I purchased my 1st home)
  • Chloe is almost 10 years younger than me
  • We both love dogs
  • She’s been struggling with Endometriosis & shares bits of this in her photoblog
  • Chloe has started and finished an Alphabetography series and has began and another (which she refers to below)
  • She loves little camera charms 
  • We both love the ocean
Interview with Chloe
How old were you when you first picked up a camera?
I remember at a very young age holding my parents’ Minolta & capturing photos on film; that camera is now a part of my analogue collection.
What was your first camera?
My first camera for photography was a compact point & shoot style Nikon.
When were your first aware of your intrigue for photography?
I became more aware of my love for photography around my late teens.
What do you love taking pictures of? 
I’ve always liked landscapes & macro/minimal shots.

My 1st Camera Jewel: Inspired by Chloe’s collection of camera charms & her enjoyment of macro shots

Describe being behind the camera lens: what does it mean to you; how does it make you feel; has this changed over time?
I love being able to capture a moment, it doesn’t matter if it’s something simple like a sunset or something more sentimental like a family gathering, I often get excited like a little girl when I see the in-camera result.
Describe any special photography projects you are particularly proud of.

I’m coming to the end of my 52 week black and white project, which I have very much enjoyed.

Zen: Inspired by Chloe’s Black & White project & her love of Bruza

When you are looking at other photographer’s photos, what draws you in/catches your eye?
I always manage to find one particular concept of the photo that catches my eye instantly & then it all unfolds before me, like watching a movie, every photo is different & it’s always something different that I like.
How has photography added to your life?
It’s allowed me to “see” the world for it’s true beauty & also to remember to keep life simple, to capture and treasure the small things.
How has photography challenged you?
It’s constantly pushes me to be better at taking photos, to get out and explore more, push my boundaries.
How would you like to improve as a photographer?
I’d like to be able to get it right first time, as in, my settings – usually there is something not quite right when I take a photo & I have to adjust either my shutter or aperture.
Do you have any dreams when it comes to goals you have for your photography talents; or projects you hope to see come to life?
I would love my little etsy store to be successful.  
If you could go anywhere in the world and time and money were not constraints, where would you go to take photos?
I would go everywhere.. literally. 
Lastly, describe a little bit about yourself – if I were to meet you today – what would you be inclined to tell me or want me to know about you?
Straight up if we met, you would think I was a little bit shy because I am when meeting new people.
But after a while you would realise I’m fun, quirky & often say the silliest of things. 

Fire Hydrant

I’ve missed my photo a day! Setting up a new blog has taken my attention away from this one, didn’t think they would be competing for my attention 🙂

What Would You Like to See?

My Pentax K-x made it back from Hillsboro!!!  A special shout out to my Aunt Gayle for shipping it back pronto.  I’m guessing Pentax had a glorious sunny ride back from Springfield to Hillsboro, he (yeah I just decided this one’s a guy) even got to go wedding dress shopping with Aunt Gayle as she prepares for a fall slew of weddings (Go Ann & James! Go Nathan & Steph!).  However Pentax wasn’t as pleased about the air tight bubble wrap ride home with UPS, however he was happy it was just one overnight ride until he was home- safe and sound in the comfort of his home.

Today I’ve decided to do something different.  What would you like to see photo wise?  Shout out your ideas, the one that catches my attention & gets me snapping gets posted tomorrow!  The prize, I’ll print it and mail it to you as a 5×7 if ya like.  Pentax thanks you.