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Beautiful Views and Art in Unlikely Places

I decided to bring my camera on our hour plus walk today, as I’d carried it with me today and still hadn’t managed to find a picture I wanted although I saw several I would have liked to take but I was driving.

Heron Park in Springfield, Oregon

Heron Park in Springfield, Oregon

And then I found this new mural under the I-5 bridge!  I wish the lighting was a little better.

IMGP4257There also looks like another project across from this one, with several more different plant etchings to come.  IMGP4258



West Broadway/Olive Alley Mural




My favorite tree of H Eduard d’Hollosy.


There’s no place like home. H Eduard d’Hollosy.


Up close and personal.


Standing in the alley, facing north.


View from West Broadway, facing southwest.

H Eduard d’Hollosy has been working on this mural in Eugene, Oregon.  I have backed his Kickstarter project which has been successfully funded and is about to close!

Youth Murals

I’ve been driving past this church for quite some time, on my way to my soccer games.  I noticed this summer that little patches of color started appearing, and then a month or so ago I actually saw some youth out painting.  Today I stopped to see their progress!  Can’t wait to follow up as they continue creating this.  Embracing the talent that surrounds me and keeps me inspired.


The Beginning of this Photoblog

I started taking a picture a day on 2/21/11, but didn’t think to start a blog until today. I’d started by posting the photos on Facebook but today I thought this might be fun to try out in blog form. Let me start with my first photo.

This buddha is in my backyard near a small fountain. He makes me smile every time I look at him, because he is so sincerely happy, joyful, and well I just want to get my dance on when I see him.

2/22/11: Northbank Properties is the office building I work in, which runs along a river in Eugene, Oregon. One of my goals is to be present when looking at the river at least once a day, I don’t want to take it for granted!

2/23/11: These beautiful flowers are from a tree near my office. I had been thinking about the signs of spring that have been popping up. Ironically it snowed the next day!

2/24/11: This was taken from our 3rd story balcony at work, the snow was coming down hard!

2/25/11: Miss Audrey and her pup Smash (who got himself a slice of pizza). Audrey has a special place in my heart, as I got to watch her older brother Taylor when she was born. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people who go to meet her. She is very independent and has a quiet smartness about her. I am enjoying watching her grow.

2/26/11: Brattain Elementary School has this great mural. I love finding murals that depict the cultural of the community.

2/27/11: This alley view is behind my Aunt and Uncles’ house. I was struck by how far I could see, and just had this sense of history- imagining all the people who have walked this path.

2/28/11: It was raining so hard this day that I couldn’t think of anything better than to take a picture of a raindrop. I laughed as I accidentally knocked the branch of the first drop I was trying to capture. This drop is on one of my favorite Japanese Maples, that sits in my front yard.

3/1/11: I love the smell of these flowers! They sit in my backyard and are one of the first flowers to bloom.

3/2/11: I got the idea that I should take a picture of all the journals I had contributed to as an editor since I started working here in 2006. I had no idea that it would be more than 20 issues (I just really hadn’t thought about it).