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Walk Around the Block

Spring has come again to the Willamette Valley, with highs in the mid- 60s and bouts of rain this week.  However the flowers are in full force so I decided to capture a dozen (actually 15 to be exact) shots today on the walk around the block.

There was quite a bit of purple out today.

Particularly like the contrast of the green and purple (-ish) here.

Love this neighbor's yard.

Thanks to Kim, I found out these flowers are clematis, I'm going to have to hunt some down for our yard now!

Zen's favorite hydrangea of the day.

Couldn't pass them up.

We found hydrangeas at about five different houses today!

Okay onto some new colors 🙂

The dentist's yard.

"They call me mellow yellow....."

A fruitful walk I'd say!

Little red blooms at the little yellow house.

Back at the dentist's house, I am barely taller than this one.

These caught my eye yesterday.

My favorite of the day.