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Now This Is Love

Just couldn’t pass this photo opportunity up.  So freaking cute I just want to eat ’em up.

Lau & Sensei

Lau & Sensei


Two of My Favorite Things

Today I went to donate some things to Value Village and they were handing out roses to their donors. Zen also wanted credit for the donations! IMGP3712

Whose Bed Is it Anyways?

I was sitting at my desk, suddenly realizing how quiet it was. I turned around to find this.

Taken with HTC Desire

Taken with HTC Desire

First picture I took with my cellphone because I wasn’t sure if I got up the dogs would follow me. They remained on the bed but of course a couple were now awake.

Ready to Play 24 Hours A Day

Our youngest dog is almost 10 months old now. He LOVE toys, our other dogs do too but this guy is ready to play with any toy any time of day; he plays so much that soon he’s playing with bits of toys that have broken. Lau wants to play so badly that he’s patiently learned how to play with our cat Sensei who LOVES him!

She loves his bits of toys too.

A little night tug-of-war with Zen.

Always watching us and almost always smiling.

And he’s now learning to use his long legs to jump.

Catching a sock!  (oops, did not estimate that high of a jump)

We’ve been amazed that he now outlasts his brother Ming, who had previously been the king of play.  He also loves sticks, socks, kiddie pools, and when we took him to a shallow canal to swim instead he jumps like a rabbit.

Ming & Lau

Happy 4th of July!!

Love, Loki, Lau, Zen, & Ming

Lots of love from the Penters.

Three Way Tug of War!

The boys mastered tug-of-war tonight.Love the little guy’s eyes in this, Lau must have been taking pointers from Loki =)

Today’s Self-Care With Kendra

I’m just going to say, the last couple of weeks have been challenging.  I was so thankful for this walk with Kendra today.  The sun was out, (mid 80s I think) my dog Zen was hot and happy, and the air fresh.  We first headed to Goodwill to donations household goodies and we discovered a new trail!  Clearwater Lake leads to a dog friendly (on leash)/pedestrian friendly/bike friendly walk along what first appears like a small canal, becomes a river, and widens to a rocked area.

Clearwater Lake

For you Oregonians, this is near 32nd and Main, off of Jasper Road.  We had only a couple issues – the mosquitoes (they were LOVING on Kendra’s shoulders); the fact that we hadn’t prepared to be so close to water with one dog.

We were pretty envious of this guy chilling on the rock island!

And of course, my star trooper, walked past his first horses ever – three horses on the trail (he wasn’t his usual fraidy self), and gave us his best smile!

Mr. Happy Pants