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Visiting Angie at Rest Haven

I’ve been missing my sweet friend Angie lately, partly because I know I could have talked to her about my Uncle Hal and she would understand the impact of his death on me.  I’d realized recently that I’d been driving past Rest Haven on my way to an appointment a week or so ago so I went to visit her yesterday.  There was construction going on there, it looks as if they are expanding Rest Haven.  I noticed a lot of birds singing and the groundskeepers were busy caring for the property.  DSC_0145It was so nice to see fall colors there, although it made me miss fall in Pittsburgh, PA!  Most interesting was that I wasn’t prepared for how happy I was going to be to see her picture again.  Her beautiful smile still shines on.  DSC_0142

I sent her mom and sister a close up of her picture and the other sweet happening has been that friends and family have been sharing and appreciating this photo as well. DSC_0143Angie died 8/1/1999 of cystic fibrosis.  She was a talented, loving, wise, and full of life individual that I’ve known since 1st grade soccer.  Valuable lessons she has taught me include taking care of my body because I only have one, that I should live fully, presently, and passionately, and most often to make sure I communicate with those I love honestly and openly.


Remembering Angie

What a sweet treat today to see Angie’s mom Jan today.  I miss Angie so much and whenever I see Jan I’m taken back to memories of  Angie, her laugh, sweet voice, humor, and the time and friendship we shared.  Can’t believe Angie’s battle with cystic fibrosis ended almost 14 years ago; that her kitty Reggie is still kicking it with Jan and bossing the dogs around.  Today’s photo is dedicated to Jan, who is such a support and a wonderful (retired) social worker.  Thank you Jan for this wonderful graduation gift – which light dances in the sun – as Angie does.  IMGP3821

Life Review

Life review is an important piece of counseling that I have studied and utilized in my work as a hospice social worker and volunteer.  It’s the process of thinking back on one’s life and sharing this with another person.  As a person brings their life to a close, this process can help a person know that they have left a legacy, that their life has had meaning and is of value.

This can be done with photos, scrapbooks, audio recordings, and video recording.  It can be done entirely orally, between two people, amongst a family together, and with friends.  Creating a permanent historical record (through journals, photo albums, collages, scrapbooks, family trees…) can be very meaningful for some families.

I’ve used aspects of life review in my own life.  This past weekend I got to spend time with my Aunt Gayle, also a social worker.  Sharing childhood stories has been something I’ve loved doing with her, connecting through our histories.  Today I took the time to go to one of my childhood homes, where I lived from 6 years of age until I was 18.  So many memories of my neighborhood friends with Sabrina, Stephanie, Justin, Katie, Beckie, Rachel, Brandon, and my sister.  From learning to roller skate and riding bikes, to learning about soccer, May Day and sharing adventures in the orchards.  Even with the difficult memories that I can remember living here, I’m ever so thankful for the good times in a place I called home.  IMGP3818


I got to have lunch with my friend Hillary, her daughter Malia and her friend Cristina and her daughter Madison. We noticed they were wearing the same style shirt, both striped and purple with black jeans. I got the honor of sitting next to these jumping jelly beans who enjoyed bouncing on the seat as we had Chinese for lunch. They were good sports when I asked if they wouldn’t mind posing for a photo. Their moms told me a very cute story where Madison was being asked to spell out her first and and last name. She corrected her teacher and told her that her name was Madison Hogan. This is funny because Hogan is Hillary and Malia’s last name. So I guess Madison has adopted herself a family!


Malia & Madison


Beautiful Little Ladies


While working on my previous post I was going through old scrapbooks.  It was like a treasure hunt reading through old cards, letters, looking at pictures from my childhood.  And then I found this packet of letters from 3rd grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Pope had every classmate write a letter to every single classmate and they were stapled together titled, What Room 12 Thought About Me.  I found this letter Heidi wrote to me, I find it so precious!  Here 25 years later…


And what do you know I found out class photos and we are side by side (alphabetical order). IMGP3650

Here’s a photo from a few years ago from a night we nerded out with Rockband.Heidi


Inga and I have known one another since childhood.  Tonight we got to spend some quality time together, I’m so happy to have her near me again – I was tired of sharing her with Alaska (although I’m bummed I never made it up to visit her there)!  The conclusion to our date was a ride in her new wheels.  Okay so I have to say I am not a huge car person at all, but I LOVE this car.  And then I found out it was a Hyundai Sonata (we have 2 in my household – although they are much older than this)!!!  She can call me from her freaking dashboard.  Just to prove it to you, Brad gave her a buzz tonight (and a special shout out to Brad who helped her pick out this beautiful rig).  I had to snap a shot.  

Hair West ~with Hillary

Once upon a time, I met Hillary at a local department store salon- Jeremy and I had only been dating a year – she had not quite met her husband to be – and at some point along the way I said, “This hair, it’s yours!”  Through the years we’ve seen the birth of her two precious girls, we’ve started and struggled through school (she just graduated this summer) – we’ve started and ended jobs, we’ve married and gotten engaged and talked weddings, we’ve talked about international travels, our friends and family.  It’s interesting to think about this unintended friendship – but I have to say is very special to me.

Yesterday I got to see the start of Hillary’s new business at Hair West.  I’m so proud of her, and it is so exciting to see her life journey!  One of the lessons I’ve learned, is that friendship can be formed at unexpected turns, over time.  Thank you Hillary and I look forward to many more hours in these chairs!!