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Visiting Angie at Rest Haven

I’ve been missing my sweet friend Angie lately, partly because I know I could have talked to her about my Uncle Hal and she would understand the impact of his death on me.  I’d realized recently that I’d been driving past Rest Haven on my way to an appointment a week or so ago so I went to visit her yesterday.  There was construction going on there, it looks as if they are expanding Rest Haven.  I noticed a lot of birds singing and the groundskeepers were busy caring for the property.  DSC_0145It was so nice to see fall colors there, although it made me miss fall in Pittsburgh, PA!  Most interesting was that I wasn’t prepared for how happy I was going to be to see her picture again.  Her beautiful smile still shines on.  DSC_0142

I sent her mom and sister a close up of her picture and the other sweet happening has been that friends and family have been sharing and appreciating this photo as well. DSC_0143Angie died 8/1/1999 of cystic fibrosis.  She was a talented, loving, wise, and full of life individual that I’ve known since 1st grade soccer.  Valuable lessons she has taught me include taking care of my body because I only have one, that I should live fully, presently, and passionately, and most often to make sure I communicate with those I love honestly and openly.


Remembering Angie

What a sweet treat today to see Angie’s mom Jan today.  I miss Angie so much and whenever I see Jan I’m taken back to memories of  Angie, her laugh, sweet voice, humor, and the time and friendship we shared.  Can’t believe Angie’s battle with cystic fibrosis ended almost 14 years ago; that her kitty Reggie is still kicking it with Jan and bossing the dogs around.  Today’s photo is dedicated to Jan, who is such a support and a wonderful (retired) social worker.  Thank you Jan for this wonderful graduation gift – which light dances in the sun – as Angie does.  IMGP3821


I still can’t believe the last time I saw Angie was July 1999, it was a warm and sunny day as we met for lunch.  We drove in her blue/purplish car, I can remember  the light in her eyes and that infectious laugh. Although she told me she was in her end stage with cystic fibrosis, we still made plans for my visit to see her in California the following summer (we hoped) when she would get a lung transplant.

Tomorrow she’d have been 32.  I’ve worn her bracelet this month, which used to have a heart charm.  The link broke and today I decided it was time to actually put some charms on it.  For Angie. 

Keep shining bright above!