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Networking at Holiday Bazaars

Awhile back I posted that I’d gotten into making handmade beaded jewelry including lanyards, necklaces and bracelets.  The thing about beading is that the costs add up pretty quickly.  So I got this grand idea that perhaps I would join some holiday craft bazaars to sell these beaded items meanwhile promoting my counseling private practice.  My jewelry did better at last weekend’s Campfire holiday bazaar than this weekend’s Unique Boutique but I managed to hand out brochures and business cards to at least 14 people this weekend, that’s 14 people I may have never ran into otherwise.  Even better is my friend Jenni, who is a grad student at the moment was able to bring her holiday themed items including barrettes, wreaths, ribbon Christmas trees and other crafty items.  IMGP4288 I guess our stuff presented well enough we got invited to do another sale in Creswell, Oregon at the Emerald Valley Golf Course Event Center December 8th from 9 to 3.  Looking forward to meeting more folks and perhaps some more sales as well!IMGP4289



“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  ~Anais Nin

Courage to try new things has been essential lately. Part of this includes expanding my artistic & creative abilities.

Scrapbooking Scratch Paper Container

Well I had my first day of classes this past Thursday and I feel like I’m already ankle deep in reading!  However, that did not stop me from going on a walk in the wonderful weather, helping my friend move, and crafting this box to hold my scratch paper in!  At my previous job I had the perfect scratch paper container, an Oregon Chai box.  They have these great purple and yellow boxes with the powdered Chai latte mix in packets.  Unfortunately I recycled it when I left the job and today was kicking myself as I searched the house for the perfect sized box.  Being on a tight budget and also wanting to be mindful of reusing materials I already have, I made this. 

Did it get me any farther on my reading?  No but it did make for a great distraction in this simple pleasure and an opportunity for a photo!

My Favorite Hobbies & Activities

Today I was struggling for a picture. I even took my camera with me to an alternative school where I gave a presentation and a business meeting downtown. I’m not sure if it was the continued gray and rain, or it was a really busy day so I didn’t have as much time to think about it. In any case on my way home it came to me.
Here are some of my favorite hobbies and activities: making blankets, knitting, watching movies, reading, writing (to journal, blog, or creative writing), drawing, taking pictures, playing with my phone (especially when I am traveling for some reason I get inspired to Tweet), to scrapbook, playing soccer (oddly I’m not a fan of watching unless I’m coaching), and listening to music. What I didn’t include is time with Jeremy, playing with our pets, traveling, spending time with my favorite people, girls nights, and board games.