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Tired Dog Ranch

Today my in laws stopped by for an impromptu visit and asked if I’d like to join them to check out the Tired Dog Ranch as a possible camping option this coming summer.  Just under 40 miles from my home in West Fir, this was a fun adventure!  My sister in law does a horse/dog camping event every summer and our thought is that this place might work for that.  It has a yurt, cottage, cabin, and lots of space for camping.  DSC_0166

The woman who lives here said they’ve had several weddings here as well.  DSC_0165

The colorful building here is the cottage, next to the house.  DSC_0164

This building here is the cabin and that road leads to one large grassy area with a large space for a bonfire and camping and space for horses.  DSC_0161


Umpqua National Forest


Today we took a drive despite the colds we’ve both been fighting for a couple of weeks.  A beautiful day with 74 degree weather in the Willamette Valley.  Last June we made our way to a ghost town that led us to Bohemia City.  Our goal today was to check out some camp sites for some summer camping.  Loved all the signage.   Choice #3 Choice #2 Choice #4 Choice #1

IMGP4446 IMGP4463


One of my favorite parts of the trip, decorated trees!

Emerald City

Emerald City campground view

Sailor’s Gulch

Afternoon at Fall Creek

My sister wanted to get to the water so we decided to take a drive to Fall Creek today with my dog Loki.  Luke warm water today with a high of 87 there were a few boats out; other than one family gathering we were on our own for the most part.

Fall Creek

Fall Creek

Fall Creek is an unincorporated community southeast of Springfield/Eugene.  In 2000 there were only 1553 people living there.  Not sure there’s any more than that.

Fall Creek Dam

Fall Creek Dam

Fall Creek has spots for boats, camping, picnics, hikes, and appears dog friendly.  At least Loki thought so.

Loki the scavenger

Loki the scavenger

All in all a relaxing afternoon with my sister and our guy Loki, enjoying the Oregon summer.

Always up for an adventure.

Always up for an adventure.



Bend, Oregon


Peering from behind the tree.








You can’t tell but Rhyan’s got her eye on the kitten!


Sun, the newest little mouser 🙂

Visiting Jeff and Lisa in Bend, Oregon was a lot of fun this weekend.  We got to camp with a bunch of our friends on their property with our youngest dog Lau.  I don’t normally post more than one blog post in one day, but hey it is nice to change things up a bit every once in awhile!