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Lessons of Gayle

Today marks the 65th birthday of my Aunt Gayle. My heart is full thinking of her many lessons over my 35 years of living. Her home welcomed my family and me at 6 weeks of age moving from Modesto, California to Springfield, Oregon. A back bedroom on C Street that years later became my room once again. Gayle has taught me many lessons of love, forgiveness, patience, music, faith, and reaching for dreams. She has been there to answer the hard questions, to affirm the soul of me when I was questioning everything. She taught me how to play piano, knit, keep an organized calendar, and that money doesn’t always come with strings attached. Thank you dear Auntie, glad I could always be your “baby girl.” IMGP3794


Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Lau, our ready to play, most fun loving, and cuddly pup!  You are a keeper.

Lau full grown and 70+ pounds; Puppy Lau almost 2 months old and probably 14 pounds.

Lau full grown and 70+ pounds; Puppy Lau almost 2 months old and probably 14 pounds.

Happy 60th Birthday Ma!


Janny & Jasmine

Today’s my mom’s birthday.  This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and I, and I think she’s actually about the age I am now in this photo (give or take).  At this age we were part of the same tap dance company, I loved watching her dress up (something I also loved to do).  For Halloween, I even dressed up as my mom as my costume.  On this birthday of hers I’m thankful for my mom’s wit, spunk, work ethic, musical abilities, and for her love.

Lessons of Akin

Lessons of Akin

1. Do your best & be your best.  Life is not fair but you can still do your best.

2. Laugh & laugh well.  Akin was a quiet witty guy.  He was still really serious but could definitely turn that frown upside down.

3.  Love.  Love.  Love.

4. Don’t be afraid.  We can live in fear, or we can face the fear.  And we will be stronger for it.

5.  Love, love, love.


Happy Birthday Akin! Honoring my cousin Akin’s life & legacy today. A strong, witty, sweet, stubborn, loving, courageous, honorable, & wonderful soul.

Happy Birthday Alana!

Happy 11th Birthday to one of the most creative, courageous, funny, brave young girls I know.  I love you Alana and I know your mom would be so proud of you.


Sariah, Alana & I

Sariah, Alana & I

34th Birthday

Woke up to a frosty morning, it was so white that I thought it was snow initially.  The sun has been out so we went on a walk at Dorris Ranch today and I got a couple photos with McKenzie River. IMGP3594IMGP3593

First Canvas Print

I ordered my first canvas print of a photo I took last year for Alana’s 9th birthday at Chuck E Cheese, the girls were on a small merry go round there.  While I didn’t keep the canvas print, it was given to Zoey for Christmas tonight, I was happy to see how it turned out and may have to do more of these in the future!  This photo has meant a lot to us this year, as it captured the last time we saw Alana’s mom.  We are happy to have both gotten to speak with Alana this Christmas and know that she is happy and doing well in school.  IMGP3581