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Trip to Florida


Manju & Shivank

Totally forgot that I had photos to post from my trip to Florida. I visited a couple friends in Gainesville and was able to go to Sarasota to the number 1 rated beach in the US! Siesta Key beach is beautiful (oh and I brought home a sunburn). Was totally bummed my good camera was not fixed in time for my trip so my Canon PowerShot A590 had to come out of storage. We also traveled to Blue Springs, which I think had the most teal blue water I have ever seen. As well as two turtles who were about a foot and a half in diameter.

Blue Springs

Blue Springs

It was an amazing trip and I got to cross off a bucket list item (meeting Shivank for the first time). Clearest teal blue water I've ever seen.


Now This Is Love

Just couldn’t pass this photo opportunity up.  So freaking cute I just want to eat ’em up.

Lau & Sensei

Lau & Sensei


While working on my previous post I was going through old scrapbooks.  It was like a treasure hunt reading through old cards, letters, looking at pictures from my childhood.  And then I found this packet of letters from 3rd grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Pope had every classmate write a letter to every single classmate and they were stapled together titled, What Room 12 Thought About Me.  I found this letter Heidi wrote to me, I find it so precious!  Here 25 years later…


And what do you know I found out class photos and we are side by side (alphabetical order). IMGP3650

Here’s a photo from a few years ago from a night we nerded out with Rockband.Heidi

Little Angels

“Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. The small pleasure was playing air hockey. Enjoying these two young ladies was a HUGE pleasure!
Forgot how much I miss these two together. Heart melts seeing them. Alana turned 9 today…sigh…please don’t let them be 16 yet!!! Sariah (Alana’s Momma) took this photo…my two half-daughters. So proud of them.

Getting Some Sugar

Last night, I decided it was time to call My Best Woman. Needed to crash after a really hard week. Love her home.
Seriously, I got some Sugar. In the form of her kitty.
Loved watching her this morning as we sat on her porch, after our walk. Making plans with Sugar’s Mom. “Seriously, will you quit taking my picture?”