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Hi Monday, how are you?  I scheduled the day off today from working at the hospital as part of my self care plan and somehow a cold decided to follow me.  It has been trying to make friends for a couple of weeks and Friday finally got ahold of me.  I’ve been going through a lot so I’ve actually been surprised it hadn’t caught up to me sooner.  So what did I do today?  I slept in.  I played with my dogs outside and enjoyed watching them watch the squirrels scamper up the trees.  I came back inside and did laundry and dishes and then decided to rest again.  Then I decided to go drop some donations off and would see where the drive would take me before my acupuncture appointment.  I had a great lunch watching people and looking at the gorgeous fall colors.  Enjoyed some sushi and thought of the family I used to nanny in Pittsburgh because that’s where I first tried and fell in love with sushi.  And I listened to one of them most fascinating conversations, likely fascinating because by the looks of these two men I never would have guess the words that would fall out of their mouths.  They talked of transference, addiction, and being addicted to the unhealthy mindset.  Right up this counselor’s alley.  And I looked around me and imagined all the lives and hearts of those around me, not really knowing anyone and yet totally comfortable with this fact.

So Monday, thank you for helping take care of me.  I’m watching, I’m listening.

Love these Fall days.

Love these Fall days.


New Used Camera

Well I chose to retire my Pentax- Kx.  I went to take it in to get fixed and found it out it has mold growing in the prism that would cost over $200 to clean.  After searching around for my next camera I decided to get a used Nikon D5100 which will allow me to take HDR photos.  Looking forward to the new learning curve ahead!

Love these Fall days.

Love these Fall days.

Family Time

A walk today at Alton Baker park was just what the doctor ordered!  Great time to catch up with my friend and breath in the fresh air.  We came across this family on our walk, their young daughter was singing in the tree.IMGP4618Then we came across this family making there way through the park.  I imagine they were walking to their own jingle.  IMGP4619

Quiet of Nature

A trip to Toledo, Oregon did a body, mind, and soul some good.  The instant quiet of nature away from the bustle of city life always relaxes me.  The morning air after a nice rain.

Off Yasek Loop in Toledo, Oregon.

Off Yasek Loop in Toledo, Oregon.

Umpqua National Forest


Today we took a drive despite the colds we’ve both been fighting for a couple of weeks.  A beautiful day with 74 degree weather in the Willamette Valley.  Last June we made our way to a ghost town that led us to Bohemia City.  Our goal today was to check out some camp sites for some summer camping.  Loved all the signage.   Choice #3 Choice #2 Choice #4 Choice #1

IMGP4446 IMGP4463


One of my favorite parts of the trip, decorated trees!

Emerald City

Emerald City campground view

Sailor’s Gulch

Starting to Thaw

Over the last three days 10 inches of snow reported came down and then freezing rain and ice.  Have never seen so many icicles and frozen trees in my life, nor have I heard so many breaking limbs.  Neighbors on both sides of our house had huge branches come down with so far only one broken gutter.  22 1/2 hours with no power from 2pm yesterday until 11:30am this morning.   Highlights were our candlefest, winning a game of Upwords, plenty of warm dogs and cats to keep us reasonably warm, and that the power came on today!  IMGP4430 IMGP4431 IMGP4432 IMGP4434


Yes, it has been awhile!  Our second snow storm in the Willamette Valley arrived yesterday.  It’s 29 degrees out right now and the Japanese Maple is feeling it.  Perhaps this camera and I will make it out again tomorrow.  Until then, stay warm my friends.  IMGP4426