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Heron at the Lake

Today Jeremy and I took our two largest dogs on a walk/jog for 4.25 miles. We made a stop at the lake, which I just found out is part of a little canal called Patterson Slough, so that Lau could take a quick swim. Unfortunately all of the dog pictures ended up blurry, they was just moving around too much! Another cold and drizzly day in Springfield, Oregon but it did not stop all the local walkers/runners/dog walkers today. IMGP3720


Monday Blues

I was driving north to Junction City again with the sun behind me and these monstrous heavy rain clouds to my west.  While I’m often slowed due to the large number of farming equipment being driven on the road I can appreciate it when it allows me to capture pictures like I did today!

Watching the clouds roll in.

By the end of my 30 minute drive the clouds went from this blue below to grey.

Loved the blue and green contrast; the melodramatic weather of Oregon.

A little over an hour later I drove through about 400 meters of hail and I heard the Willamette Valley (of which I am a resident of & is quite large) has seen its first snow.

Saturday Walk

Beautifully wet walk this morning.

We’ve walked past this bench more than a dozen times, perhaps it was the flowers that caused us to read the inscription today.

Roses & Dew Drops

Early morning rise and pulled to my rose garden.  Soaking in the smells of rain & flowers. 

Walking through Raindrops

Morning walk with Kendra was perfect for picture taking!

Playing With the Rain

I took both of these pictures while I was in my car today. They turned out way better than I had imagined!