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Piano Kitty

A busy summer this year, amazed August is just about here.  Haven’t taken my camera out as much as I’d have liked this summer but I’ve also mostly been working.  Looking forward to some photography during some vacation time in September.  With a high of 95 degrees today I could tell the heat was getting a bit much for the critters today.  Just before leaving for my extra hot soccer game I found our cat Katara sprawled about the piano near the fan.  IMGP4657


Now This Is Love

Just couldn’t pass this photo opportunity up.  So freaking cute I just want to eat ’em up.

Lau & Sensei

Lau & Sensei

Thanksgiving in Toledo, Oregon

After a hectic day at work yesterday Jeremy and I got to Toledo, Oregon at 6:30pm after some very slow traffic on I-5.  We took our youngest Lau to the Penters’ where he got to enjoy the span of their property.  I could hardly get him to stay still as he sprinted circles around me.  Looking at this photo now it almost looks like I cropped him into the photo, I’m guessing something about the sunlight.IMGP4293

The funniest part of this trip is that our 70+ pound dog was extremely afraid of the Cocoa the cat.  Generally their cats hide from us but once Cocoa got wind that Lau was terrified Cocoa couldn’t get enough of us!  Hope you are all having a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate.

The Cute Thermometer just broke

Home from soccer, reading emails and posting on Facebook I look over to see these two snuggling up.  We’ve been feeling bad for our cat Sensei lately because her sister Katara does not seem to want to come inside much at all recently (it couldn’t be the 4 dogs now could it?).  But seeing these two, well I’d say she’s found herself a sweetheart.

With my macro lens, the noise woke her up.

With my macro lens, the noise woke her up.

Sensei & Lau snuggled back up, using my regular lens and flash.

Sensei & Lau snuggled back up, using my regular lens and flash.

Bend, Oregon


Peering from behind the tree.








You can’t tell but Rhyan’s got her eye on the kitten!


Sun, the newest little mouser 🙂

Visiting Jeff and Lisa in Bend, Oregon was a lot of fun this weekend.  We got to camp with a bunch of our friends on their property with our youngest dog Lau.  I don’t normally post more than one blog post in one day, but hey it is nice to change things up a bit every once in awhile!

Visit from a Calico

Came home to find this stray calico kitty in my yard, all curled up sleeping soundly.  Of course the sound of the camera interrupted the cat nap.IMGP4057

Sammy the short haired Persian cat


Sammy’s stare hard face


Getting her spazz on.


Sleepy Sammy

Spent some time with my mom and sister and enjoyed watching my mom’s cat Sammy trying to stay cool under her desk.  She usually wants nothing to do with humans, this night she decided to say hi.