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Trip to Florida


Manju & Shivank

Totally forgot that I had photos to post from my trip to Florida. I visited a couple friends in Gainesville and was able to go to Sarasota to the number 1 rated beach in the US! Siesta Key beach is beautiful (oh and I brought home a sunburn). Was totally bummed my good camera was not fixed in time for my trip so my Canon PowerShot A590 had to come out of storage. We also traveled to Blue Springs, which I think had the most teal blue water I have ever seen. As well as two turtles who were about a foot and a half in diameter.

Blue Springs

Blue Springs

It was an amazing trip and I got to cross off a bucket list item (meeting Shivank for the first time). Clearest teal blue water I've ever seen.

Smokey Oregon

We’ve had our share of forest fires this summer with this beautiful dry Oregon sun. Have been covering the social worker at the Oregon Rehabilitation Center this week. Today I got to park on the very top of the parking structure where I took this image. Unfortunately my Pentax K-x is still in the shop, will have to pick it up this weekend. Photo taken with my Canon PowerShot A590.IMG_0038


Toni and I met one another at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA.  We were in the Black Student Union, volunteered at a local church with inner city youth, stayed up long hours talking, and growing up with a close group of Chatham sisters.  Toni lives in Philadelphia now, more than 3,000 miles from me in Oregon.  I know we think of one another, and if I ran into her today I know she would come running exclaiming “JAZZZZYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!”

Toni was one of my “little sisters” (I might add she was MUCH taller than me!) whom I guided.  We danced together, she loved to pester me, tease me, and we loved to laugh.  When I had an emergency appendectomy in 2000, frightened being 3,000 miles away from my family- she was among those who sat in the waiting room – and when I returned to my Chatham dorm she was one of those who brought me food, looked in on me, and made sure I felt loved.

Years later we both have found ourselves taking photos.  We hope to post photos every other week – last week’s theme was Friendship.

For Jasmine...My light in the distance

Check out other photos by Toni here.

And here’s my photo.

Jasmine with her snuggle bug.


The Waiting Game

Today’s photo was taken while waiting for a prescription, which ended up getting transferred to another pharmacy.  In any case I had fun playing with reflections, although I still didn’t get the focus quite right on my Canon.  Good news – Pentax will be back on the road of glory tomorrow.