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Backyard Upgrade

Finally covered our backyard with walk on bark from Lane Forest Products.  Boy were these guys enjoying themselves this afternoon!   DSC_0183.JPG


Getting their play on!

Crazy action going on here.

Crazy action going on here.

What's that smell?

What’s that smell?


Ready to play ball.




Here’s looking at you Mom!


Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s a busy month.  My private practice business (Ignite, LLC) has partnered with another local company, Chacha’s Boutique to make these handmade copper bracelets to raise money for breast cancer.  Next week we will be producing a video on my YouTube channel talking about this specific fundraiser as well as how to cope with a new diagnosis for those with breast cancer and their loved ones.  Folks can purchase either bracelet on Etsy for $15 and there are two other options for personalization as well.  Proceeds will go to OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute.  Pre-order your’s now and they will start shipping out October 1st in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  IMGP4760

Family Time

A walk today at Alton Baker park was just what the doctor ordered!  Great time to catch up with my friend and breath in the fresh air.  We came across this family on our walk, their young daughter was singing in the tree.IMGP4618Then we came across this family making there way through the park.  I imagine they were walking to their own jingle.  IMGP4619

Zoey’s 13th Birthday Party

Last night I got to spend the evening at the Walterville Grange celebrating Zoey’s 13th birthday. Had such a fun time watching these girls and boys pose for their photos.


Birthday Girl and her buddies.


My goofy shot favorite of the party crew.


Eugene Gem Faire

Yesterday three of my close friends and I partook in the Eugene Gem Faire.  It was the first time I had ever gone and boy were there gems, beads, and jewels galore!  IMGP4490One of my co-workers got us tickets, she and her husband were there with their booth with The Opal Zone.  I was on the hunt for blue beads as another of my co-workers ordered a custom lanyard from me.   It was so much fun scouring the tables for just the right beads.  IMGP4491Sure enough I found just what I wanted and got that lanyard finished last night.  IMGP4492

Networking at Holiday Bazaars

Awhile back I posted that I’d gotten into making handmade beaded jewelry including lanyards, necklaces and bracelets.  The thing about beading is that the costs add up pretty quickly.  So I got this grand idea that perhaps I would join some holiday craft bazaars to sell these beaded items meanwhile promoting my counseling private practice.  My jewelry did better at last weekend’s Campfire holiday bazaar than this weekend’s Unique Boutique but I managed to hand out brochures and business cards to at least 14 people this weekend, that’s 14 people I may have never ran into otherwise.  Even better is my friend Jenni, who is a grad student at the moment was able to bring her holiday themed items including barrettes, wreaths, ribbon Christmas trees and other crafty items.  IMGP4288 I guess our stuff presented well enough we got invited to do another sale in Creswell, Oregon at the Emerald Valley Golf Course Event Center December 8th from 9 to 3.  Looking forward to meeting more folks and perhaps some more sales as well!IMGP4289

Afternoon at Fall Creek

My sister wanted to get to the water so we decided to take a drive to Fall Creek today with my dog Loki.  Luke warm water today with a high of 87 there were a few boats out; other than one family gathering we were on our own for the most part.

Fall Creek

Fall Creek

Fall Creek is an unincorporated community southeast of Springfield/Eugene.  In 2000 there were only 1553 people living there.  Not sure there’s any more than that.

Fall Creek Dam

Fall Creek Dam

Fall Creek has spots for boats, camping, picnics, hikes, and appears dog friendly.  At least Loki thought so.

Loki the scavenger

Loki the scavenger

All in all a relaxing afternoon with my sister and our guy Loki, enjoying the Oregon summer.

Always up for an adventure.

Always up for an adventure.