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Photo by Heidi Hiaasen Gerke

My first “real” camera was a Pentax 1000, which my father purchased for me in 8th grade when I had a strong desire to become a photo journalist.  While that path has changed, I still continue to find ways to tell or illustrate a story or message through photography.  In March 2011 I purchased a new Pentax K-x & started this photoblog.  Once upon a time, my women’s leadership class by The Dede Henley Group, challenged us think of daily rituals that could help to center ourselves, helping us become more aware and trusting our intuitions. My first ritual was to go to work and look at the river, and make note of the river (I was so very fortunate to work next to one!). The second ritual was to start a thankfulness journal, where I wrote one thing I’m thankful for every morning (I’d read an article that said this can improve your immune system as well as alleviate feelings of depression). Another goal was to try to take at least one picture each day.  When I don’t meet this goal, I start mentally archiving all the photos I could have taken or will take…and once in awhile there are so many that it becomes hard to narrow it down.  What I’ve found by doing this, is a new form of empowerment.  A new way to tell my story, a new way to visualize my future.  I now use a Nikon D5100.

I am a social worker; completed my BSW in 2001 and my MSW in May 2013.  If you’d like to read some fun facts about me read this post.  I work at a local hospital as a medical social worker which I started in June 2013 and in September 2013 I began a private practice counseling individuals, couples, and families.  I’ve had experience working with hospice, grief and loss, with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, adolescents, and helping those who are making some transitions in their lives as well as professional development.  I provide a sliding scale and have an office in Eugene; I also provide counseling via Skype for those who live outside my area.  Please email joregonrose (at) yahoo (dot) com if you have questions.  In the meantime – I hope you enjoy the photos & I welcome your comments.

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2 responses to “About jasminerose

  • Christina

    Hi Colleen,

    My name is Christina, and I’m currently designing a set for La Traviata in Australia and NZ.

    I’ve produced a collage for one of the scenic cloths in the production, and I’ve realised that I’ve used a photo of yours that I looked at during my research, but have not asked permission to use it. I’m so very sorry for this mistake!

    The image in question is of a lovely pink camellia – the file was called “imgp2008″. I’ve used a portion of it once in the collage (about a quarter of the flower), and it takes up about 10% or a bit less of the final image.

    I’d be very happy to send the collage to you if you’d like to see it in context. Please be assured that the collage is not for sale – it will be used as a set item in the Opera.

    Once again, I’m very sorry for not contacting you sooner, and I do hope you’ll consider granting me permission to use part of your photo.

    Kind regards,

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