Nesting from Above

Life has been most interesting the last few weeks with unusual and complex cases at the hospital.  What has stuck with me the last couple of weeks is the vulnerability of life; both in physical and mental forms.  One decision, emotion, or event can change your life forever.  I’d been reflecting on that, sitting with that, as well as journaling about that and the ramifications of denying the vulnerability of life as a society.  Then Thursday afternoon I get a call from Jeremy at 3pm; thinking it was his check in to see what was in store for the evening he told me he was laid off.  From his job of 8 years……. there was no way I saw that coming.

So many thoughts, emotions, and planning has occurred over the last couple of days.  We are so grateful for the thoughts and support of our family and closest friends and while this seemly majorly unplanned event has left us with a lot of unknowns the beauty of it is that we are not in it alone and that there is time to dream a better life, a grander plan, and a healthier lifestyle.

Tonight we got to walk with one of our good friends I go to appreciate the beauty of nature that is just blocks from our home.  I felt in awe…. the comfort of the river that changes and yet remains the same.  And I’m hopeful.  IMGP4635 IMGP4637


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