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Lessons of Gayle

Today marks the 65th birthday of my Aunt Gayle. My heart is full thinking of her many lessons over my 35 years of living. Her home welcomed my family and me at 6 weeks of age moving from Modesto, California to Springfield, Oregon. A back bedroom on C Street that years later became my room once again. Gayle has taught me many lessons of love, forgiveness, patience, music, faith, and reaching for dreams. She has been there to answer the hard questions, to affirm the soul of me when I was questioning everything. She taught me how to play piano, knit, keep an organized calendar, and that money doesn’t always come with strings attached. Thank you dear Auntie, glad I could always be your “baby girl.” IMGP3794


Zoey’s 13th Birthday Party

Last night I got to spend the evening at the Walterville Grange celebrating Zoey’s 13th birthday. Had such a fun time watching these girls and boys pose for their photos.


Birthday Girl and her buddies.


My goofy shot favorite of the party crew.


Eugene Gem Faire

Yesterday three of my close friends and I partook in the Eugene Gem Faire.  It was the first time I had ever gone and boy were there gems, beads, and jewels galore!  IMGP4490One of my co-workers got us tickets, she and her husband were there with their booth with The Opal Zone.  I was on the hunt for blue beads as another of my co-workers ordered a custom lanyard from me.   It was so much fun scouring the tables for just the right beads.  IMGP4491Sure enough I found just what I wanted and got that lanyard finished last night.  IMGP4492

Umpqua National Forest


Today we took a drive despite the colds we’ve both been fighting for a couple of weeks.  A beautiful day with 74 degree weather in the Willamette Valley.  Last June we made our way to a ghost town that led us to Bohemia City.  Our goal today was to check out some camp sites for some summer camping.  Loved all the signage.   Choice #3 Choice #2 Choice #4 Choice #1

IMGP4446 IMGP4463


One of my favorite parts of the trip, decorated trees!

Emerald City

Emerald City campground view

Sailor’s Gulch