Starting to Thaw

Over the last three days 10 inches of snow reported came down and then freezing rain and ice.  Have never seen so many icicles and frozen trees in my life, nor have I heard so many breaking limbs.  Neighbors on both sides of our house had huge branches come down with so far only one broken gutter.  22 1/2 hours with no power from 2pm yesterday until 11:30am this morning.   Highlights were our candlefest, winning a game of Upwords, plenty of warm dogs and cats to keep us reasonably warm, and that the power came on today!  IMGP4430 IMGP4431 IMGP4432 IMGP4434


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One response to “Starting to Thaw

  • Colette

    Wow, you got hit a lot worse than we did… but we fortunately missed out on the snow. Our trees took a beating though and we’ve got several weekends of work ahead of us just to get the yard cleaned up.

    Glad your power is back on.

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