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Thanksgiving in Toledo, Oregon

After a hectic day at work yesterday Jeremy and I got to Toledo, Oregon at 6:30pm after some very slow traffic on I-5.  We took our youngest Lau to the Penters’ where he got to enjoy the span of their property.  I could hardly get him to stay still as he sprinted circles around me.  Looking at this photo now it almost looks like I cropped him into the photo, I’m guessing something about the sunlight.IMGP4293

The funniest part of this trip is that our 70+ pound dog was extremely afraid of the Cocoa the cat.  Generally their cats hide from us but once Cocoa got wind that Lau was terrified Cocoa couldn’t get enough of us!  Hope you are all having a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate.

Networking at Holiday Bazaars

Awhile back I posted that I’d gotten into making handmade beaded jewelry including lanyards, necklaces and bracelets.  The thing about beading is that the costs add up pretty quickly.  So I got this grand idea that perhaps I would join some holiday craft bazaars to sell these beaded items meanwhile promoting my counseling private practice.  My jewelry did better at last weekend’s Campfire holiday bazaar than this weekend’s Unique Boutique but I managed to hand out brochures and business cards to at least 14 people this weekend, that’s 14 people I may have never ran into otherwise.  Even better is my friend Jenni, who is a grad student at the moment was able to bring her holiday themed items including barrettes, wreaths, ribbon Christmas trees and other crafty items.  IMGP4288 I guess our stuff presented well enough we got invited to do another sale in Creswell, Oregon at the Emerald Valley Golf Course Event Center December 8th from 9 to 3.  Looking forward to meeting more folks and perhaps some more sales as well!IMGP4289

The Frost

Yesterday I had to scrape my windshield before taking my two unhappy cats to their annual check up.  Today its much colder with that feeling that the ground itself is frozen.  I was out throwing the ball for my dogs when this rose caught my attention.  IMGP4287 As I walked the deck to go capture the rose I found this perfect leaf.  IMGP4285

Armitage Park

Foggy day here in Oregon.  Enjoyed some time at the dog park with my boy Ming.  Few dogs there which was fine because he mostly wants to run circles around me.  IMGP4280

The funny part was watching him try to fit into a 10 gallon bucket of water, unfortunately I didn’t think to snap that photo.  I might have to check out the Crilly Nature Trail next time.

Crilly Nature Trail at Armitage Park

Crilly Nature Trail at Armitage Park

Park in Coburg, Oregon

Finally got my camera out for a great photo today across the street from the vet’s office.  A busy fall, the first of November already here life is full.  IMGP4279