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DIY Beaded Lanyard

Made my first beaded lanyard today for work!  It is pouring rain here in the Willamette Valley and what better way to spend a rainy evening other than teaching myself a new craft.IMGP4154

Here’s the recipe for my DIY beaded lanyard:

38 inches of .018 diameter inch beadalon bead stringing wire

pair of crimping pliers (mine also cuts wire)

wire cutters

beads enough for 31 inches

two tube crimp beads

key ring

lobster claw clip

Directions:  Using the beading wire like a needle and thread string 31 inches of beads or so.  Once beads are threaded, make sure this fits over your head as there is no clasp on this lanyard.  Then on one end of the beading wire, string a tube crimp bead and the key ring.  Thread the beading wire back through the tube crimp bead, making a loop to hold the key ring in place.  Using the crimping pliers, crimp the tube crimp bead.  Push all the beads down to the crimped end and string a tube crimp bead and the key ring and repeat that step you just did on the other end.  Cut the excess wire with wire cutters.IMGP4156

Autumn Colors

Love the fall and here it is!  This week a new dahlia has popped up in our backyard.



And my neighbors pumpkins are growing quite big!

Pumpkins on Sequoia

Pumpkins on Sequoia

Dreams Come True

Ignite Inner Strength

As I was driving home from a thunderous, lightening, and rain filled Oregon day this week, mentally preparing to meet my first client in my new private practice office I realized a dream of mine had come true.  I couldn’t believe that thought had almost passed me by without acknowledgement.  On my way home from the office today I realized two dreams of mine have come through already this year, with my masters completed in May.

I got my new office sign up this week next to my officemate.  Figured I’d best get some photos up of the place, a gorgeous and sunny day.


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The Cute Thermometer just broke

Home from soccer, reading emails and posting on Facebook I look over to see these two snuggling up.  We’ve been feeling bad for our cat Sensei lately because her sister Katara does not seem to want to come inside much at all recently (it couldn’t be the 4 dogs now could it?).  But seeing these two, well I’d say she’s found herself a sweetheart.

With my macro lens, the noise woke her up.

With my macro lens, the noise woke her up.

Sensei & Lau snuggled back up, using my regular lens and flash.

Sensei & Lau snuggled back up, using my regular lens and flash.