Door Fence and Other Sightings

Today I had a great lunch with my friend Shannon and then she agreed to go find this door fence my friend Bob had told me about.  Funny enough we were having trouble finding it and then I saw this mural and said, “Well if we don’t find it I can always take a picture of this mural!”

Mural by Kari Johnson

Mural by Kari Johnson

Funny enough had we just looked around the corner to the right of this mural we would have seen the door fence!

4th and Monroe

4th and Monroe


Can you see me?

Can you see me?


In total there are 16 doors on this fence. One set of doors does seem to be the gate.

Lantern plant

Lantern plant; tried to see if I could get around the door fence to see what it would look like from the other side. No success but found this instead.



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