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First Photo at the New Job


Walkway on the southeast side of the hospital.

I meant to get more photos than this but today was slammed and of course the perfect opportunity to get some of the water falls at our free lunch I forgot the camera.  The camera will have to follow me to work again, on several more occasions.  This place has some magnificent landscapes.

Visit from a Calico

Came home to find this stray calico kitty in my yard, all curled up sleeping soundly.  Of course the sound of the camera interrupted the cat nap.IMGP4057

Sammy the short haired Persian cat


Sammy’s stare hard face


Getting her spazz on.


Sleepy Sammy

Spent some time with my mom and sister and enjoyed watching my mom’s cat Sammy trying to stay cool under her desk.  She usually wants nothing to do with humans, this night she decided to say hi.

Happy 60th Birthday Ma!


Janny & Jasmine

Today’s my mom’s birthday.  This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and I, and I think she’s actually about the age I am now in this photo (give or take).  At this age we were part of the same tap dance company, I loved watching her dress up (something I also loved to do).  For Halloween, I even dressed up as my mom as my costume.  On this birthday of hers I’m thankful for my mom’s wit, spunk, work ethic, musical abilities, and for her love.

The Fetchers


Ming with his new squeaky cow toy.

Our two black lab mixes are the household master fetchers. Ming, a collie/black lab mix has loved fetching since he was a young puppy.  The first photo of him at the animal shelter was actually with him with a stick in his mouth. His favorite thing now is squeaky toys, which he puts in his swim pool and fills them up with water and then chases them to and fro. Lau, the younger of the two loves to fetch but if Ming is fetching he will just run alongside Ming with his own toy, but he must have a toy in his mouth. Once Ming gets tired then Lau will fetch his own toy until Ming decides to join again. Brought the macro lens out again today to catch the master fetchers in action.


On the left is Lau with his rope toy & Ming ready to get a move on.

Happy 4th of July!!


Lots of love from the Penters.

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