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On June 5th SwittersB nominated me for the Most Influential Blogger Award by pointing my way in his blog post.  I was quite humbled and appreciated all the new visitors and subscribers that I believe were a result of his post. In any case some questions have been posed for those nominated which took me some time to mull over.

Today I’ve taken some time for self-care which includes writing and pushing my creativity, including taking some time to think about the questions.

1-If you could create your planet what would it look like?  It would be self sustaining and beautiful.  With rivers resembling those you could see in the movie “A River Runs Through It”….fresh air…sunsets and sunrises…oceans…IMGP2449

2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?  Bhutan, called the land of the Thunder Dragon, a country with a strong sense of culture and tradition and said to be one of the more peaceful places.

3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip? I’m not sure what is considered long; I’ve been on trains from Eugene, Oregon to Seattle,Washington and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC.

4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity? Genocide & Hunger.

5-What is your favorite song? This kind of depends on my mood.  Karnamrita Dasi has an album called Prayers for Women that I love; Cindi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun is always a good one; and I always appreciate Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet?  I would love to meet one of my closest friend’s son, Shivank.  It has been too long since I’ve seen Manju.

7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why?   The forever sign.  Forever will I fight for peace, love, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Thank you again SwissB, I shall now nominate my fellow bloggers……

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West Broadway/Olive Alley Mural




My favorite tree of H Eduard d’Hollosy.


There’s no place like home. H Eduard d’Hollosy.


Up close and personal.


Standing in the alley, facing north.


View from West Broadway, facing southwest.

H Eduard d’Hollosy has been working on this mural in Eugene, Oregon.  I have backed his Kickstarter project which has been successfully funded and is about to close!

For SarahLyn

IMGP3983Started my morning photographs with my macro lens, thinking of & remembering SarahLyn.  IMGP3982

Avi & friends put together a beautiful time together this afternoon. He shared with us his life with SarahLyn and their adventures over the years. It was clear she has been loved by many. Of the many things I learned about SarahLyn, one thing I loved hearing about was that the masks she made were all made from her molding them to her own face.  Appreciate seeing these many faces of SarahLyn, so creative, talented, funny, determined, and head strong.  IMGP3991

Diagnosed with Photography Withdrawal

Seriously, today is Wednesday and I’m already aching to take photographs & so far I just haven’t remembered to lug the camera to work!  Yesterday on my lunch break I started taking photos with my cell phone (which I dislike because the pictures are way too grainy & I’m just not patient with the whole touch screen phone camera shooting).  Oy.

So this morning I decided to get that camera out in my rose garden, the roses have been fabulous this season.  I feel better already 🙂 IMGP3972 IMGP3973 IMGP3974 IMGP3975 IMGP3976

So Long Time Off

Tomorrow I enter the working world again.  I feel mostly utter excitement however I’ve been reviewing some things I will miss.

1. Waking up at 5am-ish just for the heck of it.  Excited to design the day including visits with friends, time in my yard, extra sun time with my critters, running and walking with Jeremy & Josh, paying it forward….

2. Listening to my dogs.  They love to tell me when there’s something exciting happening at the park (part of our back fence is shared with a small park).  Two of them have been playing hours on end in their kiddie pool and the other two have been sun bathing in the grass and on the deck.  Smiles on their faces, tails wagging, they’ve been the best of friends.  My very own mad dog posse.

3. Talking to my cat Sensei.  She’s a vocal one and loves to chatter back, tell me about her day, and asks me where her sister Katara has gone off to now?  She loves to help on the computer and mostly loves sleeping on the laptop in my office/craft/cat room.

4. Smelling the roses.  My roses have been gorgeous this season.  Mom got me a beautiful crystal lead vase for graduation that has been full of red and salmon colored roses since I got home from the festivities.

5. Photography.  I’ve been having fun with my photography projects, getting to take a little more time to tell a story and add a photo, or add a photo and tell a story.

6. Journaling.  This has been such a helpful tool for me in the past, and something I’ve started doing again.  I’ve been encouraged to follow Lynda Monk, who at one point invited me into a women’s writing workshop that was very beneficial.  I’ve found her journal prompts thought provoking and she encourages social workers (healers, caregivers, etc) to find ways to refuel.  Burn out has been something I strive to continue to address.

7. Focus on health.  I’ve been working out harder, eating healthier, and being more mindful of my body’s aches and pains.  While I know this will be an ongoing pursuit I’m proud to say I’ve lost 26lbs and feel healthier and happier than I’ve felt in a long time.

8. Gratitude.  I love making homemade thank you cards and tis the season to be thankful and show gratitude for all those that have supporting me along the way.  34 years old and lots of lives have touched mine.

9.  Laughter.  Laughing out loud, on the inside, and finding the funny.  Does a body good.

10. Time.  Time for cleaning out the house, donating items, sorting items, and selling items.  Time to breath, eat, and sleep.  Time to think.  And be.IMGP3969

Mysterious Ghost Towns of Oregon

More photos and updates on the ghost town project.

Ignite Inner Strength

Working on a new project now that we will put up on Kickstarter in the next month.  I’m bringing together my love of photography, culture, history and books to hopefully publish a book that features some of the best ghost towns of Oregon.  IMGP3924 This past weekend we took a drive to Bohemia City, which is outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. It was awe inspiring. IMGP3938 With over 60 pictures to choose from, I’m excited to see if this project will succeed. I welcome any feedback regarding what you’d like to see in a project like this! What ghost towns would you like featured; what historical facts do you find interesting; how much would you spend on a book like this? Stay tuned, more to come (for more info click here)!

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Travels to Bohemia City

I’m working on a ghost town project that I’ll be talking about more in the months to come.  While the roads were rough and time in the car was longer than anticipated I got some great shots along the way.  This is one of several waterfalls we ran into on our way to Bohemia City.  IMGP3907I cannot wait to share more about my findings!