Lau Family

The trip to California provided me with a plethora of things and one of those was the opportunity to connect with my mom.  A bucket list item of mine, the first trip I have ever taken solo with my mom and something I’m grateful I thought to do and ask for.  Sharing family stories and experiences from earlier days as we made our way south, this time together was rich.  My Aunt Lily (Sister #1 of 6 in my mom’s family) let me pick out some paintings that my Aunt Peggy (Sister #3) had created in her younger years (her painting is on the right).  Today I took some time to add her painting to my Lau corner.  This part of my family has risen from war torn years in China, adapted to life in Hong Kong, and then the United States.  I’m ever so honored Gong-gong and Poh-poh (my grandparents) came to the U.S. to pursue their dreams of education for their daughters, which would eventually help pave the way for me.     IMGP3897


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