Be Still, My Soul

Rose Marie’s meditation today at the Eugene Mennonite Church, “Where life and death collide,” spoke of the intricacies of facing life and death as one – rather than separated.  Today’s photo honors the life of Connie Burden – a wondrous singer, pianist, teacher, mentor, mother, family member to many who knew her.  Preparing for the photo, one hymnal was already open to “Great God, we sing” and as I opened the red hymnal, “Be Still, My Soul” settled.  IMGP3795 With Sue’s lilies on Connie’s stool – we face the music (in more ways than one).  The loss of life, ritual, music and the continuance of new life, different music, and a new rhythm will come about. We each remember and grieve in our own way, yet together. IMGP3794


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