Pieces of You

There are those special people in your life that have existed as long as you remember, who have flowed in and out along your life path. SarahLyn was one of those people. I can hear her laughing now, with that twinkle in her eye. She was my favorite person to sing with in the church choir growing up (because no one else in my family sang alto- and she was funny as heck causing my dad all kinds of grief as the choir director); and if she was in a play with my parents I knew we’d be laughing (they could be funny; or making a mess of things).  I later would find myself co-managing a shelter for homeless families and adults with mental illness, something she had done years before. One of the best things she did for me was take me out to lunch once a month-ish for a period of time when my work life and personal life seemed much the same (crisis and chaos). I had added her to a team of people I called my support care team and when times were tough those few years I would start calling them. She provided me with the listening ear, the laughter, and could really meet me where I was (often saying, I remember doing something very similar). Most of all, she genuinely loved me. I was heart broken to find out she had pancreatic cancer and then amazed to hear her journey through cancer treatment. During that same season I found out about her, my cousin Akin was also diagnosed with a re-occurring brain tumor. We lost him first, this February I like to think she joined him.

One of the other many gifts of SarahLyn was her creative and artistic self. I’m comforted knowing I can still find her along my life journey and thank her for always loving me.

Painting by SarahLyn

Painting by SarahLyn


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