Precious Maisy Grace (1 day old)

My friends Brian & Becky welcomed their 2nd child into the world yesterday; it was a treat to get to hold Maisy for about 20 minutes today and hear about her arrival.  She was born yesterday at 2:52pm at 8lbs 3oz and 20 inches long.  I met Brian and Becky just before they had their first child Eli, it has been fun to hear the differences of the two births, but also getting to see their continued excitement as parents.  (Thank you Becky & Brian for letting me drop by!  So appreciate the baby time.)

Proud Dad with his baby girl.

Proud Dad with his baby girl.


I decided to play with a little black and white tonight. Maisy had just been changed and was already back to sleep. Mom and dad say she’s a very peaceful baby.


Little girl had just finished eating. All snuggly with Mama Becky.


Can’t help but feel the love.


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