Knitting for Sandy


Photo by the Maidens

Last month the Dean at our school emailed us to tell us that his wife was going to be collecting knitted scarves for Hurricane Sandy victims.  I believe they had done this for Hurricane Katrina victims too.  We got an update today that so far 160 scarves have been collected.  This first picture is from them, and my scarf is the one in the front hanging on the back of a chair- purplish color.

Last week I got a navy blue scarf done and this week I am working on a teal colored scarf.  Hard to  believe that this storm hit the East Coast in the U.S. less than two months ago.  Today I read that an estimated  25,000,000,000 business dollars were lost due to the storm and 8,100,000 homes lost power (  There were 90mph winds in Islip, New York and 34 inches of snow in Tennessee (  To think all of this was going on as we in the U.S. were preparing for voting and news of who would be the next president.  It makes me quite thankful to live in Oregon, which has had some flooding and summer wildfires, however is relatively untouched by major natural disasters (I do remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted).  IMGP3535


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