Monthly Archives: November 2012


I found these photos this week as I was sorting through photos on my computer.  Today I found a new tool on Picasa that formats the pictures to look like polaroids.  I’ve never had a polaroid camera, funny that they seem sort of old fashioned now.  These two really love one another, they have such fun playing together and I could just sit and watch them for entertainment any time of the day.  This is the first cat and dog duo that I’ve ever owned that really play together.  Too precious.  IMGP3212IMGP3210


Beautiful Old Home

I was in Cottage Grove visiting three clients today.  Had the opportunity to get a picture of this great house!  

Full Moon & Star

The clouds are moving so fast tonight!  Big bright moon with a star above.  How fitting, this is my 200th blog post!   

Fog in the Valley

Was surprised today to see how foggy it was at 11am.  Took a little detour and found this very cute house, love two balcony railings and the shape of this home.  

Learning to Quilt

All done with another round of finals last week and I’m wrapping up the last of my hours at my field placement (only one more semester of graduate school left!).  I was very excited today as I took my camera out to a farm of a hospice client, and got a great picture of the farm with one the dogs and some sheep.  Only to find out when I got home that Jeremy had not put the SD card back in my camera!  So instead, you get a picture of a quilt that I started making this weekend out of a bunch of scrap cloth.  I’ve only ever made one other quilt out of t-shirts.  What I’ve been most surprised by is how quickly this one is coming along and I’m sewing by hand!