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Monday Blues

I was driving north to Junction City again with the sun behind me and these monstrous heavy rain clouds to my west.  While I’m often slowed due to the large number of farming equipment being driven on the road I can appreciate it when it allows me to capture pictures like I did today!

Watching the clouds roll in.

By the end of my 30 minute drive the clouds went from this blue below to grey.

Loved the blue and green contrast; the melodramatic weather of Oregon.

A little over an hour later I drove through about 400 meters of hail and I heard the Willamette Valley (of which I am a resident of & is quite large) has seen its first snow.

Joined By the Love of Photography

Last month I got this grand idea to interview another photographer.  I’ve been working on another project recently that’s resulted in some interviews that were posted in blogs.  At the same time I’ve been reflecting on my favorite part of hospice social work; which led me to think about what I love in life.  Let’s just say I’m a story searcher.  I love the unfolding of a person’s life story, the unveiling of the journey.

Chloe Sutcliffe was the first subscriber to my photoblog that I did not know personally and the first person I thought of when I was thinking about who I’d like to interview.  After being introduced to her photoblog I quickly learned that she lives in Australia and she started her photoblog in January 2009 (while mine began in March 2011), and she has a pup named Bruza.

Chloe Sutcliffe Photography: How I “met” Chloe

Over time I’ve “watched” and learned.  Here’s a small list of things I’ve noted over the last year and a half:

  • She’s purchased her first home (I was just about her age when I purchased my 1st home)
  • Chloe is almost 10 years younger than me
  • We both love dogs
  • She’s been struggling with Endometriosis & shares bits of this in her photoblog
  • Chloe has started and finished an Alphabetography series and has began and another (which she refers to below)
  • She loves little camera charms 
  • We both love the ocean
Interview with Chloe
How old were you when you first picked up a camera?
I remember at a very young age holding my parents’ Minolta & capturing photos on film; that camera is now a part of my analogue collection.
What was your first camera?
My first camera for photography was a compact point & shoot style Nikon.
When were your first aware of your intrigue for photography?
I became more aware of my love for photography around my late teens.
What do you love taking pictures of? 
I’ve always liked landscapes & macro/minimal shots.

My 1st Camera Jewel: Inspired by Chloe’s collection of camera charms & her enjoyment of macro shots

Describe being behind the camera lens: what does it mean to you; how does it make you feel; has this changed over time?
I love being able to capture a moment, it doesn’t matter if it’s something simple like a sunset or something more sentimental like a family gathering, I often get excited like a little girl when I see the in-camera result.
Describe any special photography projects you are particularly proud of.

I’m coming to the end of my 52 week black and white project, which I have very much enjoyed.

Zen: Inspired by Chloe’s Black & White project & her love of Bruza

When you are looking at other photographer’s photos, what draws you in/catches your eye?
I always manage to find one particular concept of the photo that catches my eye instantly & then it all unfolds before me, like watching a movie, every photo is different & it’s always something different that I like.
How has photography added to your life?
It’s allowed me to “see” the world for it’s true beauty & also to remember to keep life simple, to capture and treasure the small things.
How has photography challenged you?
It’s constantly pushes me to be better at taking photos, to get out and explore more, push my boundaries.
How would you like to improve as a photographer?
I’d like to be able to get it right first time, as in, my settings – usually there is something not quite right when I take a photo & I have to adjust either my shutter or aperture.
Do you have any dreams when it comes to goals you have for your photography talents; or projects you hope to see come to life?
I would love my little etsy store to be successful.  
If you could go anywhere in the world and time and money were not constraints, where would you go to take photos?
I would go everywhere.. literally. 
Lastly, describe a little bit about yourself – if I were to meet you today – what would you be inclined to tell me or want me to know about you?
Straight up if we met, you would think I was a little bit shy because I am when meeting new people.
But after a while you would realise I’m fun, quirky & often say the silliest of things. 

Junction City, Oregon

So enjoy the drive out here.

Heading south I stopped in the middle of the road. Farm land to my left.

And the farm to my right.

Asian Inspiration

Today I spent some time cleaning and rearranging one of my shelves holding memories and keepsakes.

From left to right: Asian tea cups from my mom and sister; Chinese fortune purse from Michelle, Thai pottery from my trip to Bangkok, Jasmine tea box, Mali (which means Jasmine) glass box- a gift from the Thai students, and a Jasmine tea tin.

In this second photo, I played with the angle and loved the reflection in the glass.

Close up of Thai hand painted pottery, purchased in July 1996 during my visit with Ta, who I met while she was an exchange student at my high school.

And finally, shall we have tea?  I’ve actually never used them to drink tea because a part of me thinks they are too pretty for tea.

What’s your favorite tea? Mine is green tea with lemon.


Almost two months ago I found out that a dear friend of mine died.  She would have been 34 this month and for her birthday I took some time to go through photos.  Most of my photos were taken with a Kodak EasyShare digital camera, my first digital camera.  I’m glad I’ve since upgraded cameras but I so appreciate having the memories & pictures from my time with Sariah and her daughter Alana. We shared a love of her daughter, Asian culture, music, dancing, second hand shopping, Thai food, education, and travelling.

Our friend Jan took this photo for us in Medford, Oregon at her home (a little blurry but I love it).

Sariah, Alana, & Jasmine

One of my all time favorite pictures I got with this camera.

The Gulf of Mexico at Fort Walton Beach, Florida

My 1st trip to Navarre, Florida. Alana & I checked out the local butterfly garden.