Monthly Archives: September 2012

Palette of Colors

After two new photos of dahlias I decided it was time for another collage.  Fun to review more than a year’s worth of photos including two weddings (Ann & James; Hillary & Bill), a funeral (Akin), an overnight with Kendra, flowers from three neighbors’ yards plus my own, along with the moon, a sunset, and a view from a Springfield park.  

Ready to Play 24 Hours A Day

Our youngest dog is almost 10 months old now. He LOVE toys, our other dogs do too but this guy is ready to play with any toy any time of day; he plays so much that soon he’s playing with bits of toys that have broken. Lau wants to play so badly that he’s patiently learned how to play with our cat Sensei who LOVES him!

She loves his bits of toys too.

A little night tug-of-war with Zen.

Always watching us and almost always smiling.

And he’s now learning to use his long legs to jump.

Catching a sock!  (oops, did not estimate that high of a jump)

We’ve been amazed that he now outlasts his brother Ming, who had previously been the king of play.  He also loves sticks, socks, kiddie pools, and when we took him to a shallow canal to swim instead he jumps like a rabbit.

Ming & Lau

Back to the Pacific Northwest

Over the years it has been much more common from my friends to move away from Eugene/Springfield than to move back (I’ve moved here three times now).  My first move including my dad getting a job in Oregon and my parents moved me here just weeks old, from California.  The story goes, I met Ben the day he was born.  I was 5 weeks + 2 days old.  Yesterday, 33 years + 7 months later, I got to welcome Ben back to Springfield.

The last time Ben, Amber, & I lived in the same city it was in Portland in 2001 although we now only live a whole 1.96 miles apart!  My heart is happy.

Wacky Wednesday! AfterEarth: The Fall

Wacky Wednesday! AfterEarth: The Fall.  Read at your own risk 🙂  This is not a photo but it is a new project (with some fantastic art) I’ve started working on that I’d like to share with my fellow bloggers/blog followers.

And yes, I need to pick up that camera.  Countdown til 15 page midterm is done: 6 days.  I’ll be up for air soon!