Monthly Archives: July 2012

Morning Walk Find

Bird Babies!!

Our beautiful birdhouse our neighbor made us is home to some new bird babies.  

It was hard for me to get their picture because this bird house sits higher than my head.  I took about 29 shots of these guys.  They were not happy because they thought I was bringing them food.  From what I can tell there are three of them in there, although my pictures only caught two of them.  

Hopefully their mama or papa come home soon, look at them hollering at me!  

The Perfect Rose

First photo of the day in my rose garden.  Perfect rose and totally unedited photograph.

Waiting for the Storm

Lots of thunder outside right now.  Haven’t heard it this loud in a long time.  

Make A Wish


Soon I will be done with finals and I plan to get a little more photography in between semesters.  Today I noticed the lilacs in my backyard were blooming.  

Captured Moment

I’ve been at my computer most of the night studying.  Took a moment to look over to see this. Image