Project Light Fixture

So the kitchen light fixture came with the house.  Probably installed when the house was built in 1964.  It needed to be replaced…when I moved in, especially after cracking two of the glass fixtures with a broom handle.  However I never brought myself to buy a new one.

However a couple weeks ago Jeremy woke up to smell burnt wiring.  The electrician came to check it out and basically said the fixture needed to be replaced.  Finally today I found one I liked!  And what do you know, I installed it myself 🙂


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One response to “Project Light Fixture

  • Heartwalk Counseling

    Nice transformation……..our house was built by a contractor for himself so he has used completely different light fixture from a myriad of era, styles and degrees of beauty to downright kitsch (sp?) We’ve been here 10 years and will begin by taking charge of off white (pinkish) color of downstairs. We did replace bedroom fixtures with nice gentle soft color as of your glass and chocolate band of edging (metal)

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