Newest Addition: Lau Penter

Yes a house of 3 dogs is a full house.  Jeremy has felt “a 4th dog is not really different from 3, and I definitely don’t want 5.”  We’ve had this conversation on and off for….2 or 3 years.  Last night I found a mix breed hound I really liked, only to find out it had been adopted this morning.  And of course then since I was already thinking about it….I called another place…

I guess you know we had to check it out.  Lau is an 8 week old Black Lab/Australian Shepherd mix.  He’s probably under 10lbs still.  Funny enough the dog (Ming) we thought could potentially have an issue is totally cool with him, it’s our Pitbull/Great Dane (Zen, who is generally really mellow) who seems to be weary.  We are wondering if he thinks Lau is a cat?

Anyways I’m sure there will be lots of photo taking going on, here’s my favorite so far- he decided the camera strap was a good toy.


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