Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tuckered Out and Tucked Himself Into Bed


Newest Addition: Lau Penter

Yes a house of 3 dogs is a full house.  Jeremy has felt “a 4th dog is not really different from 3, and I definitely don’t want 5.”  We’ve had this conversation on and off for….2 or 3 years.  Last night I found a mix breed hound I really liked, only to find out it had been adopted this morning.  And of course then since I was already thinking about it….I called another place…

I guess you know we had to check it out.  Lau is an 8 week old Black Lab/Australian Shepherd mix.  He’s probably under 10lbs still.  Funny enough the dog (Ming) we thought could potentially have an issue is totally cool with him, it’s our Pitbull/Great Dane (Zen, who is generally really mellow) who seems to be weary.  We are wondering if he thinks Lau is a cat?

Anyways I’m sure there will be lots of photo taking going on, here’s my favorite so far- he decided the camera strap was a good toy.

Too Many Victims Candlelight Vigil

Today marks the year anniversary that Congresswoman Giffords was shot.  Communities nationwide held vigils to honor the many victims of gun violence.  I was asked to be the photographer tonight for Ceasefire Oregon, my first night time event.  Here’s  my favorite shot.  

Moon Rising, Sun Setting

Amazing sunset tonight, I had to grab the camera and new lens.  Amazing to see this moon to the east. And then to see this to the southwest of my home.

My favorite view.

Kitty Pose & New Camera Lens

I got a new camera lens (maybe will will help re-inspire the photoblog).  The Tamron 70-300x is quite the lens, I’ll definitely need to be experimenting more with this.