Monthly Archives: October 2011

Saturday Walk

Beautifully wet walk this morning.

We’ve walked past this bench more than a dozen times, perhaps it was the flowers that caused us to read the inscription today.


Ming’s New Toy

Finals are over so now there’s plenty of time to hang with the boys and take pictures again.  A little family time in the backyard tonight with Ming’s new ball from Petsmart.


Kunmi & Akin

My cousin Akin has lived with sickle cell disease his whole life.  We did not even know we would see the day he would live to be 41 when he was a teenager.  This week he had brain surgery to remove cancer, totally unrelated to his sickle cell disease.  So blessed to have spent time with him, his wife Seun, and his 5 year old son Kunmi.  These three cousins of mine are so courageous – only finding out less than a week and a half ago that the cancer had come back, and a surgery that took place this last Wednesday.  Totally amazed he is already back in the comfort of his home, I teased him that he must have just been granted 9 MORE lives.

Kunmi is an intelligent, sweet young man with such energy and a big, big heart.  He doesn’t blink at the 41 staples that cover his father’s head.  Seun is so there, prepared to do what it takes for her family- they truly amaze me.