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Caught in the Act: Katara (our Ninja Fairy)

Today I was leaving the house, after I locked the door I turned to see our cat- on top of the neighbors truck- looking straight at me.  I laughed out loud, and then cursed that I didn’t have my good camera on me.  And the little stinker bounded as soon as I pulled out the camera phone.  

Fire Hydrant

I’ve missed my photo a day! Setting up a new blog has taken my attention away from this one, didn’t think they would be competing for my attention 🙂

Thirsty Thursdays: Creative Desires

Thirsty Thursdays: Creative Desires.

What do you all think about my new blog?  Feedback is welcome!  Email me at if you’d rather not post publicly.

Ann & James

These sweet people ALSO got married on 9/10/11!  Here are some photos from the reception the following day.

Talking w/family

Gettin' they goofy on!

Hillary’s Big Day

This past weekend was a bit of a wedding extravaganza!  Here’s a couple pictures from the first wedding I crashed 🙂

Not sure who did these amazing flowers but I LOVED them.

It was so hot on Saturday (for us Oregonians) and these two little angels were such troopers!  So funny to me that they had the twin pout on, but I understood – enough with the pictures already when do we get to play!

Photo Friday: Fire Ignites Sun Beams

Photo Friday: Fire Ignites Sun Beams.

Today I am promoting a new blog of mine for a new business I’ve started.  I welcome your comments/feedback!

Filling the Cup

Toni wrote me, “I just started reading a book on trying to live life as if it were going to knowingly end in 30 days.”  Our theme is filling the cup, she went on to say, “my picture is a representation of my own quest for fulfillment, my own cup; its a picture of the first chapter page.”  This past week the follow quite has really stuck with me.  “Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.” ~Lionel Hampton

Today my gratitude feels large, freeing, and is deeply connected to filling my cup.