Hair West ~with Hillary

Once upon a time, I met Hillary at a local department store salon- Jeremy and I had only been dating a year – she had not quite met her husband to be – and at some point along the way I said, “This hair, it’s yours!”  Through the years we’ve seen the birth of her two precious girls, we’ve started and struggled through school (she just graduated this summer) – we’ve started and ended jobs, we’ve married and gotten engaged and talked weddings, we’ve talked about international travels, our friends and family.  It’s interesting to think about this unintended friendship – but I have to say is very special to me.

Yesterday I got to see the start of Hillary’s new business at Hair West.  I’m so proud of her, and it is so exciting to see her life journey!  One of the lessons I’ve learned, is that friendship can be formed at unexpected turns, over time.  Thank you Hillary and I look forward to many more hours in these chairs!!


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