Ming’s Favorite Toy

Ming waiting for me to kick his ball. Loki (pitbull/boston terrier/chihuahua mix- also a 2nd Chance rescued dog) pondering life's smells & sounds.

Ming, our rescued Collie/Black Lab mix has been quite the challenge for our family.  Having started his life at 3 weeks of age without a mother, from a litter of 11- 6 died before the other 5 were brought into Greenhill Humane Society.  A man in a trailer of sorts had over 20 some dogs, and they guessed some inbreeding had occurred.  Ming has had issues with peeing from excitement, marking when he’s anger, always wanting to be the top dog (and yet not winning).  He’s the youngest of our three dogs.  Ming’s had issues with walking, seizures, high anxiety and needs a lot of one on one attention. And yet, he’s an amazing dog.  He loves to swim, slide, he’s great off leash, and he’ll herd anyone around.  Ming also likes to speak, we can have whole “conversations” where he talks back, letting us know he wants to play, eat, pee, or when it’s bed time.  This guy goes to bed like clock work, at 8pm.

This summer Petsmart was having their anniversary sale and I found these plastic squeaky balls.  I wasn’t sure if the noise would get to me but the joy in his eyes had made it worth it.  The plastic is fairly strong, but still chewy, and the squeak keeps him quiet!  He carries it where ever he goes, to bed, to the fountain, and he’s learning to catch it mid- air, to watch it’s bounce on the ground and we are relieved that for the most part our two other dogs know that toy is off limits (Zen likes to challenge it a bit – but he’s doing well with his empty plastic jugs).

Ming with his favorite toy. Loki chilling in the background.


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