Youth Murals

I’ve been driving past this church for quite some time, on my way to my soccer games.  I noticed this summer that little patches of color started appearing, and then a month or so ago I actually saw some youth out painting.  Today I stopped to see their progress!  Can’t wait to follow up as they continue creating this.  Embracing the talent that surrounds me and keeps me inspired.



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4 responses to “Youth Murals

  • Chloe [Photographer]

    these are really good, i love art in this form
    i discovered some cool art works long a road i drive but i’m not sure how accessible they are

    • jasminerose

      I notice that when I start looking for them, I am more likely to find them! Of course when life is full and busy – I realize I’ve walked/driven past many for years without actually “noticing” them.

  • Jerry Orbe

    I also love murals. Quite often they share a wonderful message with the viewer. In that sense, I feel as if photography does the same thing. What I like more about this photo is that it’s a mural that was painted by children. You should see if it would be possible to get a picture while the kids are painting.

    Anyhow, great photos!

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog at the link provided below. I am an ameteur photographer, so any advice will go a long way. Thanks!

    Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in order to see my progress!

    • jasminerose

      Thanks Jerry, I will keep your feedback in mind! I’m actually thinking now that I’d like to carve out some time to start my own mural/support another mural. This creative art form is so therapeutic and inspiring!

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