What Would You Like to See?

My Pentax K-x made it back from Hillsboro!!!  A special shout out to my Aunt Gayle for shipping it back pronto.  I’m guessing Pentax had a glorious sunny ride back from Springfield to Hillsboro, he (yeah I just decided this one’s a guy) even got to go wedding dress shopping with Aunt Gayle as she prepares for a fall slew of weddings (Go Ann & James! Go Nathan & Steph!).  However Pentax wasn’t as pleased about the air tight bubble wrap ride home with UPS, however he was happy it was just one overnight ride until he was home- safe and sound in the comfort of his home.

Today I’ve decided to do something different.  What would you like to see photo wise?  Shout out your ideas, the one that catches my attention & gets me snapping gets posted tomorrow!  The prize, I’ll print it and mail it to you as a 5×7 if ya like.  Pentax thanks you.


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2 responses to “What Would You Like to See?

  • princessrufflebutt

    My idea, Jasmine, is to take some “why not?” shots. Phtograph something you normally wouldn’t, perhaps, but find an interesting way to present it. Photograph underneath the couch–maybe the light plays well off the dust bunnies and mixing the smoothness of the floor with the fabric of the couch is a nice texture play. Photograph a park bench from the angle/perspective of one end of the seat looking down to the other. Maybe photographing the inside of your cupboards—do your dishes tell a story? Take a walk around town and note those things you don’t usually think about photographing and consider taking the photo of one or two of them anyways.

  • Baldr Odinson

    The community garden next to Spencer Butte park has some beautiful metalwork gates, and you may get some color in there if there are any veggies around them, as well as gardeners doing work.

    Also nearby is the rose garden. Is it still in bloom?

    Plus the park there is a good place to see kids and other park-goers having fun, and the river is right there, too, for scenery pics.

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