Neighborhood Immersion

So I’ve been thinking back to my Community Immersion class at USC, can’t remember the class number or anything.  But I can say my professor was hilarious and I enjoyed meeting many classmates for the very first time last October while I was at the Council of Social Work Education‘s conference in Portland, Oregon.  Let’s just say, this summer I’ve done my own neighborhood immersion.  It had been a long time since I had the time (working full-time and taking six graduate credits).  Today I spent some more time appreciating my neighbors’ yards and hard work.

My neighbor's beautiful hydrangeas.

Another neighbor's precious lilacs.


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2 responses to “Neighborhood Immersion

  • Cindee Oswald

    I like your page Jasmine. I am thinking about starting a video blog as a way of journal-ling every thing I am going through too with school and my husband deploying and all. I love amateur photography as well. You might just be my inspiration to ‘just do it’. ; )

    • jasminerose

      Cindee- I am please this may inspire you! I would love to follow your video blog if you are open to that (once you get it started). Love when we can all work together to support our passions 🙂

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