MSW Intern’s New Temporary Office!

I started my field placement, aka, internship, this morning at Laurel Hill Center in Eugene, Oregon.  Was excited to start my day, get the grand tour, find my temporary space (yes it needs some TLC) and meet more staff members and clients.  For the most part it was a successful first day “on the job.”  I’ll get this office space for at least the month of August, before their construction is done and I get a more permanent place.  My primary focus this first semester is going to be working in the Pathways Learning Center, helping with initial screenings, shadowing my supervisor in his dual diagnosis groups, assisting with other skills/learning groups for the learning center, and just soaking in as much as I can!  My supervisor let me know I would probably be called “The Intern” although I was commonly introduced as “James’s MSW Intern from USC.”  I did like the MSW & USC distinction 🙂

The Intern's (me) temporary office (new office under construction!)

My office, behind my desk. Hopefully I can beautify that bulletin board!

The Wellness Room (former Harmony House)


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3 responses to “MSW Intern’s New Temporary Office!

  • princessrufflebutt

    I applied for a job there once. Apparently I was their 2nd choice. I’ve also had many a times in Harmony House with people (sorry to see that program go). I hope you grow and thrive during your time at LHC!

    • jasminerose

      I've heard a lot about Harmony House too!This was my first time actually seeing where it used to be.I'd been to the optical office and had dropped clients off for groups but never actually realized how big (and how many staff) were there.

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    […] now been an intern at the Laurel Hill Center for 25 days.  As I mentioned in a previous post, part of the center is being remodeled.  Last week I got a new home that will be shared (although […]

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