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My Girl

Yes, we have a fascination for these green & blue buses 🙂

Last night Zoey came over for a slumber party.  Jeremy, Loki, Zen, Ming, Katara, Sensei, 4 finches, and I sure all enjoyed her presence (Zoey however informed me that she currently has 10 pets at home, so has us beat by 1).  From playing with the dogs in the backyard, to sorting out the toy box, showing her latest dance moves, and then scrapbooking like there was no tomorrow.  We were particularly touched when she scrapbooked a page for us for our upcoming anniversary.  She was an amazing flower girl almost two years ago.  It was a precious day for us, and something we both loved sharing with her.  One of our favorite pictures from the wedding is by this green bus at Eugene Mennonite Church/Wellspring Friends School.  Today Zoey and I took advantage of the green AND blue buses.

Silly Zoey

The sun kept getting in her eyes, but she was a trooper!

My Girl, Love Her


Morning Study Spot

My beautiful Heather from the front yard.And another shot…My morning study spot includes my favorite candle from one of my high school best friends (check her out: and a handmade glass piece that my Aunt Gayle bought me from Florence, Oregon.

And the wide view of my study spot.  The greenish/turquoise lantern on the left I painted myself (it was for Jeremy & candles, but now its for highlighters)!  A 3:30am rise today, preparing for three graduate courses in social work at University of Southern California.  May this spot continue to give me good energy, an open mind, and success in all its many forms!

Celebrating With the Laus!!

Janny's happy about her birthday soup!

My mom’s side of the family is having a little family reunion in Washington.  I can’t go because of school but I was blessed enough to see part of the clan on their way through.  We got to celebrate my cousin Riis’s birthday & my mom’s birthday last night at a great restaurant called Memo’s in downtown Springfield.

Ipod Photographer Riis, Oh Look Aunt Lil's taking photos too!


The Beautiful Lau Family

So I actually didn’t take these\ two pictures (thank you Marty!), but they are so special to me that I have to post them!

The Wacky Lau Family 🙂

Summer Flower Collage

Decided it was time try one of these collages again.  So much fun to create! 

Scrapbooking Scratch Paper Container

Well I had my first day of classes this past Thursday and I feel like I’m already ankle deep in reading!  However, that did not stop me from going on a walk in the wonderful weather, helping my friend move, and crafting this box to hold my scratch paper in!  At my previous job I had the perfect scratch paper container, an Oregon Chai box.  They have these great purple and yellow boxes with the powdered Chai latte mix in packets.  Unfortunately I recycled it when I left the job and today was kicking myself as I searched the house for the perfect sized box.  Being on a tight budget and also wanting to be mindful of reusing materials I already have, I made this. 

Did it get me any farther on my reading?  No but it did make for a great distraction in this simple pleasure and an opportunity for a photo!

Swinging from the Trees

Lovely study break today to visit Zoey and some of her extended family.  This was my first try at taking shots of really quick human movements.  I messed up the focus on the picture below, as the background is clear but Zoey is not.  However I think I’m going to try to create this as my next painting (probably taking out the cars and garage sale items).  I love the look on her face, her body position, and the feeling of summertime joy.

Swinging Zoey

Sadie’s turn!  This is Zoey’s youngest cousin (who told her grandma she wants to name herself Jasmine).

Sadie & her wonderful red socks

While I had noticed the boy that was in the grass, it wasn’t until I saw this photo that I saw the look on his face.  Priceless.  He was here while he mom was shopping at their garage sale.

Monkeying Around

Walk Around the Block

Spring has come again to the Willamette Valley, with highs in the mid- 60s and bouts of rain this week.  However the flowers are in full force so I decided to capture a dozen (actually 15 to be exact) shots today on the walk around the block.

There was quite a bit of purple out today.

Particularly like the contrast of the green and purple (-ish) here.

Love this neighbor's yard.

Thanks to Kim, I found out these flowers are clematis, I'm going to have to hunt some down for our yard now!

Zen's favorite hydrangea of the day.

Couldn't pass them up.

We found hydrangeas at about five different houses today!

Okay onto some new colors 🙂

The dentist's yard.

"They call me mellow yellow....."

A fruitful walk I'd say!

Little red blooms at the little yellow house.

Back at the dentist's house, I am barely taller than this one.

These caught my eye yesterday.

My favorite of the day.