Creekside Trailhead

One of my good friends took us on an adventure today to Creekside Trailhead.  It was my first time there.  The weather was gorgeous, air fragrant, the sounds of waters soothing, and the time together precious.  All in all a thoughtful & heart filling time.  Thank you Stacy, from both Loki & I! 


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4 responses to “Creekside Trailhead

  • Colette

    Where is this?

    • jasminerose

      It’s off the Florence-Eugene Hwy before you get to Mapleton, off of the left of the highway. They did have two signs marking it but wasn’t anywhere I’d been before. In total a 45 minute drive (just over 30 minutes on the highway). Dog friendly, and not a strenuous hike (although plenty of rocks to climb out on)!

  • Ibraheem

    These are REALLY nice… good job. Do you have a tripod? If so, you should try to go back on an over-cast day and take some shots at a slower shutter speed (one second maybe) to give the falls that dreamy, silky look. Wish I had a place like this near me.

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